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The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Washing Their Car at Home

Car detailing can be a luxury for most people, of course. But when you set aside a biannual appointment for your car—what do you do when things happen inside of that six-month period? You’re not going to let the dirt sit on the paint for that long, but you also don’t trust those mechanical washes that could rip off your mirrors… what do you do? Well, you wash it yourself, of course. In washing your car, avoid these common big mistakes—it will make the process easier, and you’ll have a clean car until your next appointment (or the next rain).

Use the Right Tools for Every Part

One of the most frustrating things that home-washers face is a constant battle between having the right tools for one job, and the wrong tools for another. This ends with most of them just using whatever tools they have available around them, and that results in using the wrong tool for a lot of parts on the car. This ends up with a few different results; either the parts of the car that were washed are still dirty, they are damaged from the wrong tool, or they are cleaned inefficiently which wastes time and resources. You don’t need to pick up an expensive detailing kit from the store to clean your car, but you should be familiar with the proper way and tools to clean the most sensitive parts of your automobile.

Use the Right Chemicals

When you were a kid, did you wash your parent’s car? Did you use dish soap? If the answer is yes, we’re sorry for that unfortunate event. Part of using the right tools for cleaning your car, means also using the right chemicals, cleaners, waxes, and treatments for it too. Not all soap is made for cars, and a lot of the soap that you might find at the store can do far more damage than you’d expect. For instance, the wrong cleaner can strip off wax, but it can also strip away gloss—leaving your car looking dull and unimpressive. The same thing goes for the plastics on your car, the wrong one can make your blacks look grey and your reds look pink. Using the right cleaners for the right parts is a huge necessity that cannot be overlooked, even if you’re just doing a quick wash down to remove rain spots.

Don’t Leave Watermarks to Sit

This goes without saying… but we’re going to say it anyway. If you wash your car, you then need to dry the car. It is not sufficient to leave the car in the sun and hope that the water is evaporated by itself. Water spots are a huge issue for home-washers because by the time they are done washing, they are tired and satisfied enough to leave the car to dry by itself. However, water spots can be harmful to your paint and to the parts of your car sensitive to heat (since water reflects sunlight and causes heat). The best thing that you can do when you are done washing, is to dry. Just make sure to use an option that will limit the amount of friction that can occur on your newly washed paint. Many people will use air blowers or microfiber towels—just make sure they are clean, and you rotate them out for each part of the car.

Wash Away from the Sun

If you can avoid washing your car in the sunlight, do that. Washing your car in the heat of the day does a few things: it increases missed parts, increases your fatigue, increases the chance of water spots, wastes more water, and can result in an afternoon of heat stroke in severe cases. If you choose to wash your car at home, do so early in the morning, or in the evening after the heat has passed through. Or clean the car in a garage, a carport, or a shaded area. If you do end up needing to clean the car in the sun, make sure to take breaks often, drink water frequently, and to work piece by piece. In working like this, you can reduce fatigue, prevent dehydration, and make sure to do all of the necessary steps to clean every part of your car.

If you don’t want to clean your car at home, you can always give us a call before your six-month appointment. Steve’s Detailing has been around since 1988, and with that much experience, you know you’re in good hands. For all questions about car detailing, give us a call. Or take a look through our blog and discover the passion we have for washing the most important part of your estate.