Hand wash car detailing near me

The hidden dangers of an automatic carwash

One of the easiest ways to get the outside of a car clean is to run it through an automatic car wash. But, even the best-maintained car wash runs the risk of leaving tiny scratches in a car’s paint finish. Even brushless car washes can do this, as they often use recycled water. Automatic car…
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Spotless, revitalized interior for your vehicle

Three easy tricks to avoid dirt and grime building up

Everyone wants a clean car that smells nice, but Kids make that a real challenge. They spill things, smear their hands on the windows, and dump dirt and grass out of their shoes. Never fear, there are three easy things you can do: Treat fabric seats with a protective spray to make cleaning up mess…
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Hand Wash for your fine automobile

What exactly is oxidation?

This is a question that is often asked by car owners when discussing their vehicle’s paintwork. Oxidation is a type of corrosion that takes place when the chemicals within vehicle paint break down. As time passes, the paintwork dries out and loses some of its oil content. Both oxygen and heat (especially during blistering Colorado…
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Headlight restoration in denver

Why Denver citizens should wear dark glasses

This is not a public service announcement concerning the power of the sun – well at least not directly. No, this new stricture to protect public well-being is all the fault of the work of a professional car detailer. Why? Well, the end result of high-class detailing is just so shiny. It’s an inevitable consequence…
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