Muddy road

Some things you SHOULDN’T find after a hand car wash

After an expert team has lovingly washed your car by hand, here are just three of the many things you should never find… Tires, bumpers and seals which still remind you of some of the dirty, gritty, muddy journeys you’ve recently completed An engine compartment that still has traces of the grime and dirt of…
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After an automated car wash

If you put your car through this process, here are a couple of things to watch out for afterwards… Water spotting: examine the body of your vehicle. Do you see those spots of water that the drying process has missed? Irritating – isn’t it! Missed bits: we know there are those nooks and crannies where…
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Leather detailing for your fine automobile

How your car could bug you!

A survey carried out by a university in the UK involved the swabbing of car seats, steering wheels, and footwells. The results showed a notable presence of E Coli bacteria. Other such studies discovered around 300 to 700 bacteria present per square centimeter. Incidentally, public toilets gave results of around 500! Results were higher when…
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Pesky birds!

Bird excrement, and the bugs it contains, can easily penetrate a vehicle’s protective outer layer. Chemicals contained in that mess on the hood can eat through a clear coat and cause damage to the wax. This process can start within just a few minutes, often due to uric acid in the droppings. Incidentally, their poop…
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Protect your automotive Investment

Do you need a really clean vehicle?

We know that there are times when your vehicle needs to be truly spotless and dust-free. You might be transporting an important business connection from the airport or picking up your in-laws as you all head off on a trip. There are lots of other occasions when you will want to ensure your car is…
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