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2 big benefits of opting for a hand car wash

It can seem quick and convenient to rush your car through an automated car wash when you have a moment to spare. However, like any rushed job, it won’t be perfect. Here are two key reasons why a personal hand car wash wins – well – hands-down. This deep clean reaches the parts that even…
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Hand detailing and polishing

Causes of micro-scratches on your vehicle

Have you noticed micro scratches and swirl marks on the hood area of your car? If so, identifying their causes can help you avoid these scratches and maintain your vehicle’s shine. Here are some common causes of swirl marks and micro scratches. “Dry dusting” a dirty vehicle. Using detergents or soap that is too harsh…
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Wheels and Trim polishing by Steve's Detailing

Extend the life of rubber parts with rubber treatment

Whether you own a classic car or the latest model, you probably have rubber parts that need proper care and maintenance. These include tires, trunk seals, doors, and bumpers. Luckily, with rubber treatment, you can: Extend the service life of your rubber parts Keep rubber parts elastic Prevent freezing-up in winter Prevent cracking, discoloration, and…
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Questions to ask your car detailer

Is it your first time hiring a professional auto detailer? If so, there are a few things you’ll want to know to get an insight into the interior car detailing process. Here are some questions you can ask your auto detailer to help you make an informed decision. Which cleaning methods suit my vehicle? Are…
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