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How often should I detail my car?

Car detailing is the process of cleaning both the exterior and interior of a vehicle with the aim of improving its appearance. Auto detailing is vital in maintaining your car’s aesthetic look. Detailing can be carried out as often as you want. However, the way you drive and how you store the car will govern…
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3 problems resulting from lousy car wash jobs

Taking your car to an unprofessional car detailing and wash business can give your car the following problems: Water pressure damage High-pressure water jets can break the seams of the vinyl coating and rip the paint. Scratches Machines that use brushes can retain debris that can damage your car’s paint. The type of material that…
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Doctoring Your Car by Steve

Keeping your car hand-washed and dried on a regular basis is essential. Having the right products used on your car is important. Every car is exposed to dirt, pollen, tree sap, bird droppings, and normal road build-up that can ruin your car’s paint. It’s vital to remove these as soon as possible. It’s not enough…
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What should I ask my potential car detailer?

Maybe you are new to car detailing or new in town and trying to find a good service. While everyone has unique needs, there are a few questions to have on hand when you are in search of a quality car detailing service. “Tell me about your to-do list” Ask the detailer what is done…
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