Spotless, revitalized interior for your vehicle

Secrets To Detailing Your Car

Your car is one of your most valuable possessions. It pays to take care of it, just like you would anything else that means something to you. But do you know the secrets of detailing cars? If not, then you soon will. One secret to doing so is to start with the trim. You should…
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Aston Martin Detailing in Denver Colorado

Cleaning ink stains on interior fabric

Ink can stain a car interior faster than you can say, “Where’s that marker lid?” Whether it’s young children or just a leaky ballpoint mishap, the smear or clear lines of ink on car seats or elsewhere can make you cringe. Bring it to the experts at Steve’s Detailing for a full clean-up when you…
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What’s Included with Car Detailing?

At Steve’s Detailing in Denver, we’re often asked what’s included with car detailing. Does it really go above and beyond what you can get from a neighborhood car wash? Absolutely. Is it worth spending a bit more? If you want your car to last longer, look better and retain its value, you bet. Your automobile…
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How to Keep a Classic Car Clean

Learn how to keep a classic car clean from the experts at Steve’s Detailing in Denver. Classic cars are in a category of their own and must be handled with care. We take the utmost care of our client’s vehicles, and it shows in the results we provide. Keep your classic car impeccable with help…
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Car Detailing Helps Vehicles Sell Faster

At Steve’s Detailing in Denver, we have no doubt that car detailing helps vehicles sell faster. Like many people, you may change cars every 5-6 years so that you can try out new makes and models. By properly maintaining your car, it will last longer, retain value and you can resell at a higher price.…
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How Road Salt Affects Your Car

At Steve’s Detailing, we know how road salt affects your car. It can really wreak havoc. The strong and corrosive chemicals plus salt applied to the road during the winter time are more extreme than we realize. Keep your vehicle protected with a trip to Steve’s Detailing to ensure that these irreversibly corrosive agents do…
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Keeping Your Car Clean in Winter

Steve’s Detailing in Denver knows that keeping your car clean in winter is just as important as keeping it looking good in the summer – all year round for that matter! A clean car not only feels and looks good, but it can also drastically improve the longevity of your car’s interior and exterior by years,…
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10 Ways to Ruin Car Paint and 1 Way to Avoid It

Want your car to look its best? Today, Steve’s Detailing in Denver shares 10 ways to ruin car paint and 1 way to avoid it completely! We know how much our clients love their vehicles and want to take the best care of both the interior and exterior. By practicing proper detailing techniques, you can…
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Why Am I Seeing Swirl Marks in My Car Paint?

Have you ever wondered, why am I seeing swirl marks in my car paint? Today, Steve’s Detailing is here to give you the answer and how to deal with the situation. Better yet, if you want your car to gleam, simply bring it to the professionals at Steve’s Detailing. Our team is highly trained and…
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