Muddy road

Professional car detailing

Everybody likes getting out and washing their cars, but having a professional do it does have some benefits. When it comes to waxing, having someone who truly knows what they’re doing can extend the life of your paint job. A properly applied coat of wax will leave your car looking like new, but also give…
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Steve's Car Detailing Service Denver Colorado

Don’t forget to clean the underside of your car

Winter brings new challenges for both people AND their vehicles. Road salt is a big worry for many drivers — although it helps prevent slippery roads, it can damage parts of your car’s exterior. Salt mixes with water and lowers the freezing point, making it slushy and wet, which makes your vehicle’s underside wet for…
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Winter weather Detailing

Washing your car during the winter

You may slack off on getting your car washed and detailed during the winter months because it is so cold, but it’s essential to keep your car washed during the winter, especially if you live somewhere that gets snow frequently. There are also certain soaps that you should use during the winter months to prevent…
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Hand wash car detailing near me

Show your car some auto detailing love

If you love your car, then you probably wash it regularly. Unfortunately, that’s not enough these days. Just as you would iron your clothes after washing them, you should do the same for your car. Auto detailing involves thorough internal and external cleaning of a vehicle and later polishing. This gives the vehicle a fresh…
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