Clean engine compartment

What’s hidden under the hood?

You know how a kitchen can seem clean and tidy until you open a cupboard and everything that is crammed in and hidden out of plain sight cascades across the floor? It’s a bit like seeing a car, sparkling and gleaming after a clean and polish. Then you lift the hood and ages of ingrained…
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Headlight restoration in denver

Is the devil really in the detail?

This old saying: ‘the devil is is in the detail’ originally referred to a catch or mysterious element in what was being undertaken. Nowadays, it is used to suggest that while something might look simple, it will actually take much more time and effort to achieve than might have been expected. It suggests that tasks…
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Revitalized interior for your vehicle

Vehicle Detailing 101: Did you know…?

Automobile detailing does more than keeping your vehicle looking its best. It also removes a variety of native and nonnative creepy crawlies and other dangerous pests that can harm you or your passengers. It even helps to prevent the transfer of certain arachnids and insects that can rapidly infest and breed in a home. What…
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