How to Keep a Classic Car Clean

Learn how to keep a classic car clean from the experts at Steve’s Detailing in Denver. Classic cars are in a category of their own and must be handled with care. We take the utmost care of our client’s vehicles, and it shows in the results we provide. Keep your classic car impeccable with help from the team of expert auto detailers this year. We know how to do it right at Steve’s.

Check out these helpful tips on how to keep your classic car clean between car detailing.


Over the years, car upholstery can really take a beating. Whether the original or reupholstered, there is a great trick to employ in order to get rid of grease stains left over by food or even engine oil. Sprinkle the area with baby powder or talc powder. After letting it rest at least half an hour, brush off with a nylon brush then vacuum thoroughly to remove the remaining powder.


We’ve got another great trick for getting ground in junk out of the carpeting. Using compressed air (but not too much), spray the carpeting to get out the dirt, especially from the corners and edges. Use a sweeping motion. Then use your regular vacuum to pick up all of that loosened dirt easily and efficiently.


We have found that cotton is a great material to use in order to get out all of the dust from seams in the dashboard and surrounding control panels. Your vents for heating and gauges will look a lot better after.


Often, classic cars have old and faded stickers still attached. With your fingernail, slowly peel up the old label and continue gently until it is completely removed. If you were not able to get it all up, then using a rag dampened with alcohol, saturate the rest of the sticker for easy removal. Use a streak-free cleaner to finish the job and get your windows clean.


You may notice imperfections on the exterior surface, such as bubbling in the paint, etc. Avoid flicking or compressing these. If touched or exposed, it could lead to a much bigger paint chip and visible flaw.


Using a soft cotton rag, touch up all chrome trim. Avoid touching it with your fingers as it smudges easily and believe it or not, the oils in our hands can deteriorate the metal.

Hood and Trunk

It’s essential to clean under the hood and inside of the trunk of your classic car, especially if you are planning to showcase it in an upcoming car show. Use a plastic sheet to cover the engine and trunk space in order to get at it thoroughly to clean.


When it comes to how to keep a classic car clean, you may need to remove individual parts to perform a thorough engine cleaning and be sure to use a bright light in order to see it all clearly while doing so.


You are definitely going to want to get out the grime from the wheels. A great way to get in there is by using a toothbrush. Get to all of those crevices and spokes with a nylon brush for best results. Use caution when choosing a cleaning solution though, as some can do more harm than good!

Well, now that you have the scoop on how to keep a classic car clean, you can do the job yourself or bring your beauty to the professionals at Steve’s Detailing in Denver. We hope to see you soon!