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Welcome to Steve’s Detailing & Hand Car Wash blog for our business located in Denver Colorado.  You’ll find interesting articles and tips on these pages and get an introduction to the car detailing industry and our insights in these services that we love to provide our customers.

Hand detailing and polishing

Car detailing or car washing

This involves removing dirt, debris, tar, and salt from your vehicles clear coat with a big bucket of soapy water. You can obtain a car wash from a detailing company, a drive through automatic wash, a pay stall DIY wash, or you can even wash your vehicle at home. Each one of these suggestions will…
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Hand wash car detailing near me

Car detailing Denver

Get the best car detail service in Denver at Steve’s Detailing and Hand Car Wash. It is all about the details here at Steve’s. Every auto we detail goes through a thorough quality control inspection to ensure the highest quality results for our clients. At Steve’s Detailing, we start with meticulous hand washing, removing all…
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Headlight restoration in denver

Car detailing before you sell your car

At Steve’s Detailing, we help our clients fetch better prices by helping them maintain a beautiful interior and exterior. Here, we will outline the essential elements of preserving the quality and value of your vehicle and explain how car detailing helps vehicles sell faster. Paint As the first thing that a prospective buyer sees when…
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Revitalizing your classic Cadillac

Best auto detailer in Denver

Our detailer’s take pride in offering great service because they truly love what they do, and they love being part of the best car detailing shop this side of the city. We have a reputation for detailing everything from antiques, hot rods, motorcycles, luxury vehicles and everyday work vehicles. Check out our web page and…
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Hand wash car detailing near me

The Difference Between Auto Detailing and Car Washing

If you’re someone who truly values your vehicle, you probably already know how important it is to keep it clean. More than just improving or restoring the aesthetics, proper cleaning of the vehicle will protect its performance, too. But when it comes time to clean your vehicle, you have two main options. There’s car washing,…
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All about car detailing services

Like most things in life, the need to be maintained and cleaned is inevitable. Whether it is our bodies, our homes, or our cars, we all know that longevity will extend if we stick to these simple daily or weekly tasks. Here’s why car detailing should be a big part of your routine. INCREASES THE…
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Hand wash car detailing near me

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Washing Their Car at Home

Car detailing can be a luxury for most people, of course. But when you set aside a biannual appointment for your car—what do you do when things happen inside of that six-month period? You’re not going to let the dirt sit on the paint for that long, but you also don’t trust those mechanical washes…
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Sports car detailing in denver

Your car will love you…

We know that maintaining a vehicle takes money for everything from repairs to insurance and tags, so you may not want to increase your car care budget by adding car detailing. However, getting your car detailed regularly can pay off for you in the long run. Besides a shiny exterior, what are other reasons to…
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Porsche detailing from Steve's Detailing and Hand Car Wash

How Detailing Your Car Benefits Performance

Car guys know that having a clean, detailed car is the best status that a car can be in, outside of straight from the manufacturer or fresh from a restoration. It’s widely known that detailing helps remove the dirt and grime that typically attaches itself to our cars and getting that stuff off the car…
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Mustang, Steve's Detailing & Hand Car Wash Denver CO

Where did these swirl marks come from?

Today, Steve’s Detailing is here to give you the answer to and how to deal with swirl marks. Better yet, if you want your car to shine, simply bring it to the professionals at Steve’s Detailing. Our team is highly trained and experienced in the detailing business and can take care of everything for you…
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Spotless, revitalized interior for your vehicle

Car detailing in Denver

Steve’s Detailing and Hand Car Wash’s auto detailing services in Denver will blow your mind. Our expert auto detailing is professional grade and will completely surprise you in the best ways possible. At Steve’s Detailing and Hand Car Wash we hold a very high standard of auto detailing service and we stand by that for…
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Leather detailing for your fine automobile

Maintaining your car’s leather interior

If you have a leather interior in your car, maintenance may always be on your mind. Maybe you are hesitant to try car detailing services out of a fear of the wrong products being used. The best way to learn about leather is to think about it like skin: the key is to lock in…
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