Tips for Washing Your Car Between Details

Steve’s Detailing offers fast, thorough and complete car detailing that will keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Here are some tips for washing your car between details so that you can get the most for your dollar, and the best treatment for your car or truck to keep it looking shiny and new.

First off, it is always wise to stay clear of the drive-thru car washes. These poorly maintained machines can damage not only paint jobs, but antennas, and a whole lot more. For example, if the previous car just came back from a muddy or dirty camping trip, guess what is left behind on those brushes? Yup, you guessed it, dirt and debris that could dig into your paint. DIY hand washes are typically the best option.

If your car is new, a wash and wax will suffice, but if it has been neglected at all, then wash, wax and polish are probably in order. Be sure to use premium microfiber cloths that are clean, and products specifically formulated for the task at hand. Some cleaners can do more damage than good.

Rinse your vehicle first to get the majority of dirt and debris off, using a pressure washer (with the proper tip) on hard to reach places and areas with caked on dirt. Use a good quality car wash soap, not just any type of dishwashing liquid or other, as this can damage the paint and strip away wax. Be sure to do sections of your vehicle and rinse promptly to avoid spots and soapy water from drying, especially on hot days. Finally, use dry clean cloths and wipe down the car from top to bottom.

You can go even further if you have the time and energy by applying wax or polish at this final stage, but you can also leave it to Steve’s Detailing for the tough stuff.

How often should you detail?

Well, again, this will depend on how often the car is driven, if it has gone through some nasty driving conditions such as rain or snow, and if it spends a lot of time in the sun. It is most common to give your car a weekly wash to keep up with pollen and dirt build up from embedding in the paint, and a monthly wash and wax detailing to keep a protective barrier on the paint.

Is detailing and washing your car that important?

Of course, it is! The fine finish on your vehicle’s exterior can wear down fast against the elements of weather, wear and tear, which will eventually lead to your car being nothing but a rust bucket with wheels. Most people trade in their vehicles every few years for better technology and performance. So, if you want to get the most out of your older vehicles, it is imperative that you take care of it inside and out, because no one is going to pay top dollar for a worn out car.

Steve’s Detailing loves to provide tips for washing your car between details. It makes your car’s value higher, and it makes our job more successful. We use only the top-quality brands and products to ensure your car detailing in perfect both inside and out.

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