Headlight restoration in denver

On the road again!

Sorry if you’re going to be listening to that Willie Nelson classic in your head for the rest of the day! But, as our nation starts to return to a more normal life, then your car is likely to be enjoying more use than it might have during the last few months. So, now might…
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Car detailing Steve's Detaining and Hand Car Wash Denver CO

What do you hate most about keeping your car clean?

There can be a range of different answers, starting with the whole process! Some folk are so pleased to leave the whole job to experts and simply enjoy the outcome. Interestingly, we often hear from customers that a pet hate is vacuuming the interior. It is quite fiddly to get into every corner and crevice…
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Spotless, revitalized interior for your vehicle

Glue, scuffs and other dashboard marks…

Vehicle owners often make their dashboards look worse for wear when they perform DIY cleaning. The primary problem is that dashboard materials are fragile, especially leather and vinyl, and require special handling to prevent surface damage and stains. Consider the following: Many drivers affix products to their dashboards with adhesive tape. They later remove these…
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Wheels and Trim polishing by Steve's Detailing

Doing a ‘Sherlock’ on your car

Holmes that is! The famous detective was often pictured, magnifying glass in hand, examining the most minute of detail to find the result he required. While we might not quite resort to a magnifier, the car detailer team here at Steve’s Detailing do end our car wash process with the most careful of inspections. We…
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