10 Ways to Ruin Car Paint and 1 Way to Avoid It

Want your car to look its best? Today, Steve’s Detailing in Denver shares 10 ways to ruin car paint and 1 way to avoid it completely! We know how much our clients love their vehicles and want to take the best care of both the interior and exterior. By practicing proper detailing techniques, you can ensure that your vehicle will withstand the tests of time.

So, let’s start with 10 sure-fire ways to ruin your car paint without even knowing it. 

  1. Nasty Finger Marks and Prints

You’ve probably written “wash me,” or “please give me a bath” on the back of a dust-laden vehicle at some point or another. While it gives us a chuckle, it doesn’t do anything for the paint job! In fact, it grinds in that dirt, dust, and debris, not to mention dirty fingerprint oils deeper into the paint, causing scratches that are hard to get rid of. A professional polish will need to be in order after a complete wash. 

  1. Bugs

Ever pull into a gas station and see a vehicle covered in bugs from bumper to headlights to roof? Where did he just come from? The Amazon? Well, wherever it was, he better make sure he deals with those dead bugs promptly. Bugs are acidic and stick like glue to paint, causing deterioration and more. Dealing with this situation as soon as possible is your best line of defense. Besides, it is not pretty to look at.

  1. Pebble and Stone Chips, and Everything in Between

If the road were solely yours, life would be great on your car’s paint job and your frame of mind, but unfortunately life is not like that, and we have to share the road with others. That means big logging trucks that send debris of all sorts flying our way, salt and sand machines that keep our roads safe while flinging loose material, and who knows what else. Following too closely is not the greatest idea, but even if we did lag a bit behind, you likely won’t avoid the inevitable. Chips happen, so does debris. Steve’s Detailing can help in more ways than you can imagine.

  1. Bird Poop

Much like bugs, this has an acidic effect on paint. And if not dealt with, bird excrement will destroy your paint quickly. The bonus with bird poo is that also carries some debris that actually scratches the surface of your nice new paint job. Because birds eat seeds and nuts, and seeds and nuts contain sharp and rough edges, guess where that result ends up? Right where you don’t want it, on your car’s paint. Clean as soon as possible if you want to save your paint. 

  1. Tree Sap

This one’s a doozy. Depending on where you live, and what trees are near where you park, whether at home, work or the gym, avoid parking under trees that drip sap. This stuff is deadly and sticky and will destroy paint quickly if not removed immediately. Our car detailing services will get to the bottom of this gluey mess in no time. Don’t delay as this stuff is destructive. 

  1. Water Spots and Marks

So you live in a condominium, and every night the sprinklers come on to water the precious landscaping, but did you know that that water sometimes hits your vehicle because of where you are parked, and will eventually destroy your paint? Yes, it will. Minerals and chemicals in public water are usually treated, and these deposited products are left to dry on your paint. These are not easy to get rid of, and usually, have to be polished out. They can also destroy your windshields over time as well, which will need to be replaced eventually.

  1. Using Dirty Wash Products

Dirty rags, brushes, and even water buckets are filled with bits of debris that can permanently cause streaks, swirls and damage to paint quickly. Don’t let this happen to you. Invest in some clean rags and products or have the professionals attend to details. By bringing your car in for an auto detailing, you can trust that we never use rags or materials that are dirty, and each vehicle is treated with products and materials that are proven to work flawlessly.

  1. Proper Washing Intervals

Just like humans, we all need a routine wash schedule, and that also includes your vehicles. Neglecting your car can cause serious paint damage in the future. Adhere to a strict regimen as often as possible for lasting paint brilliance and peace of mind.

  1. Overfilling at the Pump

Fuel stains can be hard to get rid of. Avoid overfilling your gas tank and causing spills around the receptacle. You will most likely need a detail professional to get rid of the stain permanently.

  1. Too Much Sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun is not good for anyone, or anything, and paint is most definitely going to break down rapidly. Cover your vehicle whenever possible or park in a shaded area to avoid extreme heat temperatures. The damage is almost irreversible if left unattended to for too long. Covered parking is your best option, if available.

So, we’re talking about 10 ways to ruin car paint and 1 way to avoid it. So what is that one thing? Well, that’s the easy part. Take your vehicle to a reputable company like Steve’s Detailing. Here you can customize your service, as well as get into a regular detailing schedule that fits your budget, lifestyle and schedule. You can trust that we use only the finest product, and our crew is experienced and knowledgeable in the art of vehicle detailing.

Steve’s Detailing knows all too well about the 10 ways to ruin car paint and 1 way to avoid it is to visit us soon and ask about our special services for all sorts of vehicles, including luxury, sports cars, collectible cars, everyday drivers and more. We customize your experience by listening to your needs when it comes to your vehicle. Your paint job will look as good as new or better once we are through, so get in touch today for dependable and prompt service.