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Common myths about car detailing


There are many myths about car detailing out there. If you believe them, then you may end up damaging your vehicle. Below are some of the most common:

Dish-washing detergent can clean your car

Dish-washing detergents are not meant to clean your vehicle. They are intended to wash your dishes. If you use them on your car, then they will slowly remove polymers from your car paint, making it look dull.

Your car does not need detailing if it is shinny

Car detailing is not just about the look of your vehicle. There are many things that it does to your car, including removing contaminants and rough spots.

More expensive wax gives better results

Expensive does not mean quality. A car wax that costs $200 may perform worse than one that costs $50. What matters is the quality of the wax and the professional who applies it.

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