Porsche detailing from Steve's Detailing and Hand Car Wash

How Detailing Your Car Benefits Performance

Car guys know that having a clean, detailed car is the best status that a car can be in, outside of straight from the manufacturer or fresh from a restoration. It’s widely known that detailing helps remove the dirt and grime that typically attaches itself to our cars and getting that stuff off the car is a big factor aesthetically and in resale values. However, having your car detailed also improves its performance and its maintenance times.

This is because when the car is detailed, the detailers are aware of the car’s worst and most dirty areas, usually inside of the engine components and other areas. Getting your car detailed ensures that you are driving a clean and high-performing vehicle.

Inside the Engine

Getting under the car’s hood is one of the dirtiest areas for detailers. This means, it is also one of the best areas to clean to help the performance of your car. Many people assume that to detail under the hood of a car is to clean away oil and grease from the engine. While this is true, there is also another benefit to cleaning in this area. Dust and small road debris can kick up into the engine while we are driving, and this accumulated dust and debris can mean the difference between a like-new drive or a lagging, choking, engine response. Further, the added weight from this accumulation can reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, making it cost more to even drive the car.

Safety on the Outside

Safety and detailing do not usually go together when people think of getting their cars cleaned. However, there are significant benefits to detailing, which can only be reached via professional work. For example, the type of glass cleaner used on the front windshield of the car can have a huge impact on visibility during rain or in bad conditions. The added finish is usually more water resistant than the glass by itself, so the rain tends to bead off of it at a faster rate, giving you more visibility as you head down the highway. Cleaning and defogging your exterior lights are also a safety benefit, as detailing them can result in increased visibility for you, and for other drivers around you.

Cleaning the Accessories

Cleaning the biggest accessories on your car means cleaning its tires. The cleanliness of the tires is a huge factor in the overall performance of your car. For example, your detailer can notice when things are missing or are wrong, like a nail in the tire, or a missing lug nut. Both of which are key performance indicators for your car. Meanwhile, cleaning the tires can remove a lot of debris from the treads of the tires—which means more and better traction to stay on the road longer. This debris can also reduce the heat conduction of the tires, making them colder, and thus it is easier to be blown around in wind, hydroplane in water, or pushed off the road during a collision.

Don’t DIY

A majority of people believe that you are able to sufficiently clean your car at home with the garden hose and a bucket. However, it is clear that there are more benefits to taking it to a detailing shop. In fact, you can save more money if they notice something bad happening to the car, like a damaged component—where an owner in their khaki shorts may miss the same indication. Not only this, but the professionals are also prepared with equipment meant to do the job, making it faster, and less harmful to the car itself. Some DIY projects at home are fun, family affairs, but detailing your car should not be one of those. Doing a car wash every two weeks, is different from doing a six-month detail cleaning. It is better for your car, and better for your long-term goals.

Many people believe that detailing their cars will have no substantial impact in their car or their relationship to their car. However, most people who come from a detailing are found to be better drivers (who wants to ruin a fresh wax?). And further, those people who get routine car detailing know the immediate difference between a well-groomed car and a DIY car wash. We recommend having your car detailed every six months or sooner. If you’d like to learn more about us or contact is, you can visit our website. And if you’d like to read more about what we do and how we do it, you can explore our blog.