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Removing makeup stains from your car interior


There are many stains that you may need to be removed from the interior of your vehicle. Among those stains are makeup stains. The best way to have heavily soiled car interiors cleaned is to take them to a car detailer for interior car detailing. However, there are some steps you can take to minimize makeup stains before you get your car detailed.

  • Try to clean the stain as soon as possible, as they will be harder to remove when they dry.
  • If the makeup is water-based, you should be able to clean it with soap and water. Oil-based makeup stains may need a little more treatment. Using dish-washing detergent can help remove oil-based lipstick stains and liquid foundation stains.

If you need makeup or any other stains removed, the professionals at Steve’s Detailing in Denver are just a phone call away!