What’s Included with Car Detailing?

At Steve’s Detailing in Denver, we’re often asked what’s included with car detailing. Does it really go above and beyond what you can get from a neighborhood car wash? Absolutely. Is it worth spending a bit more? If you want your car to last longer, look better and retain its value, you bet. Your automobile will simply receive the best care at Steve’s Detailing. Come in and see for yourself, but first, check out just what to expect from our first-class car detailing services.


Carpeting, seating, and all interior surfaces will be addressed with a proper auto detail service. Even the inside of your car is exposed to free radicals, dust, and sticky substances such as soda, coffee, gum, snack crumbs and so much more. These surfaces will get a cleaning, either with shampoo or steam, and a shine up with the appropriate products. Leather gets cleaned and conditioned. Even the trunk compartment will get the attention it deserves at Steve’s Detailing!

Engine Compartment

When it comes to what’s included with car detailing, we know the engine needs attention too! Sprayed with a degreaser first, the engine will get a thorough hand wash to remove all grease and dirt. All seals including runner, plastic, and silicone then get a sealer application.

Exterior Paint

As the most noticeable part of an auto detail, the exterior will receive several layers of care. First is a wash. We get off all of that dirt, and grime picked up on the road. After a thorough washing comes removal of contaminants on the clear coat, such as tar and metal particles. Next up is the polishing and waxing for the most brilliant shine and protection, so you can head back out on the road for more adventure, looking smooth.


Whether chrome or plastic, we’ll get your trim looking great with a cleaning, shine up, and sealer to protect it from everything it will encounter back out on the road. You will notice less fading and cracking after our extensive car detail service. Exhaust tips get a polish too!

Headlights and Taillights

As they do a ton for you out on the road, our car detailing team can give your headlights and taillights special attention with our restoration services. Any signs of oxidation will be wiped off of the map with extreme care. Afterwards, a seal is applied to ensure further protection from the elements.

Wheels and Chassis

Under your car, the chassis, the wheels, the tires, inside of the wheel wells, suspension components, the splash guards, and inner fender liner, all of these will receive a thorough washing and or corrosion protectant application which will prevent further cracking and wear.

Taking the extra time and attention to do the job right helps our clients keep their vehicles in the best shape possible. So now that you know what’s included with car detailing, bring your auto to Steve’s Detailing in Denver for a luxurious spa day. You and your car will love it, and you only get the best car detailing services available with our team on the job.