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Want A Sweet Ride? Invest In A Car Detailer: Here’s Why

Cars are a huge financial investment. Believe it or not, the average cost of a new car comes to around $36,000!

For most car owners, this means regular car maintenance takes priority. And while oil changes, tire rotations, and regular service appointments help, they won’t keep your car looking like new.

Working with a professional car detailer should be part of every driver’s regular maintenance routine.

But why should you invest in a professional detailing appointment? After all, cleaning the car’s exterior is good enough, right?

Not entirely! Here are a few reasons why it’s one of the smartest investments you can make for your ride.

Saves Your Paint Job

You went to great pains to pick the perfect color car. But over time, that perfect shine gets covered in dust, dirt, and debris from the road.

Sure, washing it off will help keep the paint free from scratches and preserve the look of your ride for a little while. But you need to show it some extra love.

A car detailer does more than wash your ride. They wax and polish it, too. This creates a protective barrier between the paint and the elements.

The longer that barrier is in place and the better you take care of it, the longer your paint job lasts.

Remember, the sun’s UV rays can make your paint job fade unless it’s protected.

Extends the Life of Your Tires

Tires are expensive, but without them, you won’t be able to go anywhere in your car. And with frequent exposure to sun and heat, the rubber starts to wear out. Fast.

During a detailing appointment, your car’s entire exterior gets a bit of TLC. This includes your tires.

By cleaning the rubber, you’ll reduce wear and tear on your tires. This helps preserve their useful lifespan and protects you from having to pay out-of-pocket for replacements any more often than necessary.

Reduces Allergens and Germs

Believe it or not, your car’s interior holds everything from dust and pollen to obnoxious odors. And it can have a huge impact on your respiratory health.

Every time you open the windows and doors or run the air conditioner, new contaminants make it inside. But getting your car detailed can help improve the air quality inside the vehicle.

The interior gets vacuumed thoroughly and all hard surfaces get wiped down. This gets rid of all of the dust and pollen that contributes to your allergies.

Even better, cleaning the car’s interior helps get rid of harmful germs and bacteria that build up. Think about it…how often do you get to wash your hands after pumping gas?

Believe it or not, the gas pump handle is more than 11,000 times dirtier than a public toilet seat! And the germs transfer from the pump to your hands and thus your car every time you fill up.

The cleaner you keep your car, the healthier you’ll be. So, get it to a car detailer on the regular.

Improves Resale Value

You might not be thinking about selling your car at the moment. But eventually, you’ll want to at least trade it in for a new ride.

The nicer your car looks, the more you’ll get for the trade or sale.

Detailing your car on a regular basis helps preserve the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Think of it as preventative maintenance for the non-mechanical parts of your car.

When it’s well cared for, it will continue looking great for a long time. And when a car looks nice, more people are likely to buy it. This means a higher trade-in value at the dealership and a better resale price if you sell it privately.

Better Visibility at All Times

Visibility is a major issue no matter what time of day you’re on the road. But between bugs on the windshield and dirt on your side windows, it’s often tough to maintain.

Worse, all that dust and pollen that aggravates your allergies can make it hard to read the dashboard in dim light. Investing in regular detailing helps keep visibility ideal at all times.

The cleaner your car is, the safer you’ll be on the road. Poor visibility, especially at night, makes it hard to notice road hazards. The better you can see while driving, the safer you, your car, and your passengers will be.

As an added bonus, it reduces the amount of work it takes to maintain good visibility.

Between detailing appointments, all you’ll have to do is wipe the grime away when you’re at the pump.

Saves You Money

When you think of car repairs, you probably focus on maintaining the engine, aligning the tires, and repairing the onboard computer system. While those are important, they’re not the only repairs you could face.

Cosmetic issues like a damaged and faded paint job or rusted out metal frame cost thousands of dollars. And that’s on top of your regular maintenance costs.

A car detailer helps keep major cosmetic repairs to a minimum by maintaining both the interior and exterior of your car.

Boosts Your Self-Esteem

Your car is a reflection of your personality. But when it doesn’t look great, you won’t feel confident driving it around town.

But there’s an easy fix: scheduling regular detailing appointments.

When your car looks new, you can’t help but feel great behind the wheel. And when you feel great arriving at work or social gatherings, you’ll be more confident throughout the day!

Work with a Professional Car Detailer

Detailing your car yourself takes time. Worse, you might damage your ride in the process. Instead of going it alone, book an appointment with our professional car detailer team at Steve’s Detailing & Hand Car Wash.

During every appointment, we’ll take care of your entire car, from the engine compartment to the spare tire nook in your trunk. No matter how dirty it is when it comes in, we’ll get it looking like new in no time.