Leather detailing for your fine automobile

Maintaining your car’s leather interior

If you have a leather interior in your car, maintenance may always be on your mind. Maybe you are hesitant to try car detailing services out of a fear of the wrong products being used. The best way to learn about leather is to think about it like skin: the key is to lock in moisture and retain its color by protecting it from the sun.

  • Use a fine moisturizer often

Besides seeking services from a car care professional, there are small but important things you can do to keep your leather car interior in shape. Invest in a high-quality moisturizer such as Lexol.

  • Stay out of the sun

Any good dermatologist would tell you to protect your skin from the sun. Leather, with direct sun exposure, can heat up to 195 degrees. Keep your interior pristine by parking in the shade, investing in a cooling system, and protective seat covers.

A fantastic way to give your leather the finest care is to seek car detailing services who have professional experience and a concern for the proper care of your leather interior. Get in touch with us at Steve’s Car Detailing and Handwash in Denver, Colorado today.