All about car detailing services

Like most things in life, the need to be maintained and cleaned is inevitable. Whether it is our bodies, our homes, or our cars, we all know that longevity will extend if we stick to these simple daily or weekly tasks.

Here’s why car detailing should be a big part of your routine.

INCREASES THE RESALE VALUE if you should decide to sell one day. A potential buyer is always looking for a nice, shiny looking car that smells good inside and has been given plenty of love and attention throughout the years. This reassures them that it was well maintained and cared for since the general appearance is often a reflection of how the rest of the vehicle was maintained.

SAFETY is a big concern if you want to get where you are going. Dirty windows, bald tires, muddy headlights and more will interfere with people being able to see you on the road, and for you to see them! This is dangerous for you and everyone else on the road.

TIME AND ENERGY SAVER. By hiring a professional detailing company such as Steve’s Detailing, you know that your vehicle will be clean and tidy from top to bottom. This saves you time and energy to do other things that are more important, and by getting on a routine detailing schedule, you and your car will be happier in the long run.

STAY HEALTHIER by ridding your interior of harmful bacteria. Food and drinks spilled and left to spoil can be extremely unsanitary for your health and the condition of the materials inside your vehicles.

SAVE YOUR PAINT JOB. By obtaining a clean vehicle and washing off salt, dirt, and grime from sappy trees, you will extend the life of your paint color and avoid getting a rust bucket of a car. Even the sun can wreak havoc on our rides. We know how expensive a new paint job is, so don’t ignore the importance of cleaning off the grunge on the exterior of your vehicles.

What can you expect from a professional detailing service? Here are a few services provided.

3 STEP EXTERIOR PAINT CLEANING to protect and maintain your paint job. This usually includes washing and drying to rid the vehicle of dirt and grime, then comes a clay bar application to remove sticky substances such as tar and metals and road grime in the clear coat, next will come the polish process and finally it’s sealed with wax for a shiny like-new finish.

WHEELS AND CHASSIS are imperative to keep clean. The chassis is the underside of your car which can rust if not properly maintained. Wheel wells and suspension components are cleaned, and plastic fender protectors can be sealed with a protectant to help with cracking, promoting luster.

LIGHTS AND TRIM can oxidize with the weather extremes, so by polishing and sealing these areas, you are extending the life of your lights. Any chrome and vinyl are usually finished up with a protective sealant as well to deter cracking and fading.

INTERIOR is just as important as the outside, and the place you spend all of your time driving. Carpets and seats should be shampooed, vacuumed, and even steam cleaned. The plastics and leather inside need to be cleaned and conditioned. This process will include the entire vehicle, front/back, passenger areas, trunk, or and areas.

ENGINE areas are an important aspect of a good auto detailing, be sure to ask if your company includes this service, as some do not. This process entails spritzing the engine with water and a degreaser, followed by a rinse, dry, and a sealer to rubber and plastic components to prevent cracking.

How much can you expect to spend on a car detailing service?

Depending on where you live, the price will vary significantly, but for the most part, you can expect to spend anywhere between $150-$350 on a good service. Most detailing shops will give you a discount if you adhere to a regular detailing schedule, and keep in mind that larger vehicles such as SUVs and vans will cost more, as well as the use of some special equipment that may need to be utilized.

How often you detail your car is entirely up to you but depending on your lifestyle and the amount of wear and tear put on your vehicle should be a very big deciding factor in how often you detail it. A weekly wash is always recommended to keep pollen and dirt from embedding itself in the clear coat. A monthly wash and wax will help keep the exterior of the car covered with a shiny shield of protectant. Sealants and coatings, however, are a procedure that is best left to the professionals and should be attended to about every one to two years depending on the driving and area that you live in.

Why does a clean car feel so good? Well, just like our own bodies, when we look and feel good, that presence emits to the world around us. So, whether you are going for a job interview or picking up a hot date, you want to look good and impress those around you. Not only that, but you also want to feel good getting behind the wheel and enjoying a clean, fresh ride wherever the road takes you.

To enjoy the benefits of what the professionals have accomplished on your detailing services a little longer, be sure to keep up with the 4-month rule, that means that usually products such as waxes and polishes will eventually break down on your car due to the extremes and will need replenishing. By washing your vehicle, yourself weekly, you can extend the amount of time needed to take it in. The average car detailing service will last a minimum of 30 minutes, to as much as a full day in the shop. Time well spent!

Now that you are more familiar with what exactly is car detailing, you can head on over to Steve’s Detailing for one of the most professional, thorough, and exceptional car detailing services you will ever experience. With a knowledgeable background in custom services such as antique, hobby, luxury and hot rod detailing, as well as everyday detailing services, we know what our customers expect from us and you will see the proof in the way your vehicle looks.