Spotless, revitalized interior for your vehicle

Cleaning from the inside

If you have put your car through a car wash, then it can emerge looking clean. On the outside. But, what about the inside? Treating your vehicle to an expert car detailing process means that the inside will also be thoroughly treated. This involves vacuuming and cleaning to revitalize the whole area. But – there’s…
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Sports car detailing in denver

Why you should wax your car

Wax can add shine to just about any car, which can be a great way to improve the look of your vehicle. Not only that but using car wax is easy and very affordable. However, many people skip this important stage when they wash their cars, making their other efforts redundant. Fortunately, you can count…
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Winter weather Detailing

Auto detailing in winter

In high summer, with the sun blazing down, there seems to be an obvious motivation in having your car look every bit as good as it should when you are out and about. Now, in the depths of winter, with dirt, spray and slush, ice, and snow, it can sometimes seem hardly worth the effort.…
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Hand wash car detailing near me

Why there are no spot prizes here!

We occasionally still see ‘spot’ prizes awarded at dinners or social events. These are small, often fun, prizes – perhaps the name originally came from dance competitions or balls where a couple would be caught in the spotlight. However, one place where such ‘spot’ prizes would certainly not be awarded is here at Steve’s Detailing.…
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Meticulous hand washing for your fine vehicle

What ‘attention to detail’ really means

We’re occasionally asked about the term ‘detailing‘ in our company name. It’s a word that sounds precise, one that suggests the level of care taken might be even higher than you expect. That’s the standard we work to. Just one example of this that you may not find elsewhere. You might find a car that…
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Porsche detailing from Steve's Detailing and Hand Car Wash

Do you have ‘car proud’ friends or relatives?

To be honest, some people don’t care much what their vehicle looks like, as long as it gets them from A to B. Yet, we bet you’ll know others who take immense pride in their car looking as close to showroom condition as possible. Some of these individuals will spend hours on it themselves; others…
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Wheels and Trim polishing by Steve's Detailing

It is ‘inspection’ time of year

As the holiday season approaches – even if it’s going to be a bit different this year – then you may be receiving visits from relatives you don’t often see. This is where it can seem a bit like ‘inspection time’! You know what we mean: those visitors who pass silent (or not always silent)…
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Hand detailing and polishing

What exactly is oxidation?

This is a question we were recently asked; it’s a term that is often used regarding damage to the paintwork of a vehicle. So, technically speaking, oxidation involves a chemical reaction that leads to the movement of, or giving away of, electrons. Typically, this involves a reaction between oxygen and another substance, such as iron.…
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Leather detailing for your fine automobile

Items you should always remove from you vehicle before having it detailed

A lot of drivers take their vehicles to a car detailer with the expectation that they don’t have to do any sort of preparation beforehand. Yet, it’s important to always remove certain items for safety and security reasons. Before your next interior car detailing appointment, remove the following: Valuables Believe it or not, many people…
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