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Glue, scuffs and other dashboard marks…

Vehicle owners often make their dashboards look worse for wear when they perform DIY cleaning. The primary problem is that dashboard materials are fragile, especially leather and vinyl, and require special handling to prevent surface damage and stains. Consider the following:

  • Many drivers affix products to their dashboards with adhesive tape. They later remove these products and then leave the glue behind to dry out, harden, and discolor surfaces because they have difficulty removing the sticky mess without causing damage. A professional car detailer knows the best ways to remove both sticky and hard glue. Additionally, they can usually correct surface discoloration with a special restoration kit.
  • Drivers also scratch and mar their dashboards by harshly scrubbing black scuff marks and greasy film that accumulates from skin oils, food particles and other debris. Harsh scrubbing can even create light scuff marks on dark-colored dashboards. An interior car detailing expert uses a combination of products, including compressed air and a car-approved lubrication and moisturizing product, to clean and restore a dashboard.

At Steve’s Detailing & Hand Car Wash, we know all of the tricks for safely cleaning a dashboard and removing marks. We are your trusted south metro Denver luxury auto detailer. For more information, contact us today.