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Why professional detailers always use more than one bucket…

Unless a luxury car has been rated a collector’s item, it loses value over time. A damaged paint job from improper cleaning causes extra expense related to paint-repair costs, especially if the paint has a special formulation. For this reason, a professional car detailer uses the two-bucket method:

  1. The first bucket contains a soapy approved car cleaner. The second bucket contains clean rinse water.
  2. After spray-rinsing the vehicle thoroughly to remove loose debris, the detailer soaks a microfiber wash mitt in the soapy water and washes a single panel.
  3. Before they re-soap the mitt to wash the next panel, they rinse it in the second bucket.

Why is this method so important for protecting a paint job? Each rinse between panels guarantees that debris picked up from one panel isn’t scrubbed against the paint on the next one.

At Steve’s Detailing & Hand Car Wash, our professional detailers take these extra precautions so that our metro Denver luxury car owners never have to worry that their investments are losing value from improper handling and cleaning. For more information, contact us today.