Revitalized interior for your vehicle

When is the right time to have your vehicle detailed?

Many people have their vehicles professionally detailed too little. The best time for a vehicle owner to invest in professional detailing, which involves cleaning, restoration and finishing work, is when any of the following occurs:

  • You don’t have time to clean it: If your vehicle has a buildup of dirt/mud, pollen, tar and other debris, you can save yourself time and money by hiring a professional car detailer to perform the job.
  • You set out on or return from a long trip: Long-distance driving causes a buildup of different types of debris and even toxic chemicals on the interior and exterior vehicle surfaces.
  • You’re starting a new season: As changes in seasonal weather occur, a detailer can help reveal hidden surface damage caused by previous weather or road conditions.
  • You’re trying to make a great impression: Detailing gives your vehicle a clean and polished look for special events, such as a night out on the town, business-related gatherings or a wedding or anniversary.

At Steve’s Detailing & Hand Car Wash, we guarantee that south metro Denver vehicle owners can enjoy at an affordable price all of the benefits that come from having their vehicles professionally detailed. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.