What should I ask my potential car detailer?

Maybe you are new to car detailing or new in town and trying to find a good service. While everyone has unique needs, there are a few questions to have on hand when you are in search of a quality car detailing service.

“Tell me about your to-do list”

Ask the detailer what is done in a typical project and the detailing processes used. Is there enthusiasm shown and a sparkle in the eye as this is being discussed with you? If so, you may have found a passionate professional.

“Which products do you use and why?”

A skilled detailer will be glad to show you how it’s done and the products that produce the best results. The tools and excellent supplies on hand at the shop tell a story about the integrity of the service and crew.

“Can you show me some samples of your work?”

Who doesn’t love a compelling ‘Before-and-After’ collection of car detailing photos? Take a good look at the specific samples to see clearly what’s in store for your vehicle.

Get a good feel for the value and enthusiasm of the manager and team, do your homework, and follow your instincts. Both you and your passengers will be glad you did!