Leather detailing for your fine automobile

Items you should always remove from you vehicle before having it detailed


A lot of drivers take their vehicles to a car detailer with the expectation that they don’t have to do any sort of preparation beforehand. Yet, it’s important to always remove certain items for safety and security reasons. Before your next interior car detailing appointment, remove the following:


Believe it or not, many people don’t remove their wallets, phones, or important photographs and other mementos from their vehicles. Although professional detailers are trustworthy, they will likely need to remove these items to give your car a thorough clean, so make sure your valuables are removed so they can remain safe.


Anyone who works on a car might suddenly experience concern or fear if they find a weapon in it. You risk a call to the police and a lot of questions if you leave knives, guns, or other weapons in your vehicle.


Although technicians wear gloves and remove trash as part of any auto-detailing service, the pandemic has altered many consumer services. You show respect when you take a brief moment to remove any trash that might spread the virus, such as beverage and food containers, masks, tissues, and wet wipes.

At Steve’s Detailing & Hand Car Wash, we appreciate when our customers in south metro Denver focus on safety and security measures that protect not only them but also the members of our team and their families. For more information, call today.