Wheels and Trim polishing by Steve's Detailing

Is your vehicle ready?


Cold temperatures and ice and snow storms will return to Denver all too soon. Many luxury car owners believe that vehicle preparation for this weather only entails a mechanical checkup, the replacement of tires, or the installation of a vehicle emergency kit.

Yet, your vehicle isn’t ready for late fall and winter weather if you haven’t invested in auto detailing. An experienced car detailer prepares a vehicle in the following ways:

  • Checks for interior and exterior body rust spots that can only be exposed through cleaning. Without necessary repairs, the rust can spread and make the body more fragile in cold temperatures.
  • Repairs scratches, dings, scrapes and other paint and clear coat damage that might allow chemicals and salt from road treatments to insidiously corrode the body.
  • Alerts you to small glass scratches and cracks that might worsen or potentially cause breakage when exposed to the cold.

At Steve’s Detailing & Hand Car Wash, our team focuses on every spot of cosmetic damage because these tiny problems often grow and spread this time of year. Since this type of damage can ultimately result in expensive repairs down the line, our team helps our clients choose the best repair options. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.