Revitalized interior for your vehicle

Imagine your car was going on a first date!


Okay – this might seem like quite a weird idea but stay with us. If you were, then you’d spend a fair bit of time getting ready. You’d make sure all traces of a day’s hard work were removed, from city dirt to any marks on the surface of your skin.

You’d probably wash meticulously, shave if appropriate, and aim to add a close-as-possible sheen to that of young, lithe skin. Then you’d add those finishing touches and select an appropriate look for the big event.

Right – we’ll stop there; we’re sure you get the picture! It’s just that, here at Steve’s Detailing® our expert car detailer team always make just as much effort to present your car in the gleaming, sparkling style that makes that unforgettable impression. So, call 303-771-7727 to schedule an appointment now…