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How to protect your car’s interior from the cold


There are places around the country where it gets cold. But in Colorado, it gets cold!

And along with everything else on and in your car that the cold affects, the interior of your car is susceptible to the cold as well.

Especially if you don’t have a garage to put your car inside at night, the cold can stiffen up your car’s interior.

Crawling into your car cold morning after cold morning can lead to cracks in the seats, on the console and dash, and around windows and the windshield.

First, always give your car a good five minutes to warm up so both the motor and interior can loosen up.

And second, use interior protectants and conditioners, even in the dead of winter.

Preventing the interior of your vehicle from becoming brittle with interior car detailing is essential to protecting it from the cold. Call to find out more.