Hand wash car detailing near me

Do you know someone who doesn’t like cleaning their car?


It’s odds-on that you do! Some individuals will give the outside a quick wash and believe they’re done. Others will vacuum the interior simply because sand from trips to the beach, or dog hairs on the back seat, means that they have to do something.

Those who reluctantly undertake such tasks might not pay much attention to other areas, such as cleaning dirt and grease from the engine. They might not have the time or inclination to deliver a thorough external polish of the body, wheels and trim.

The experienced team at Steve’s Detailing, auto detailing specialists based here in Denver, complete all these tasks and more. And here’s the great news: they offer Gift Certificates. What better way to treat a family member or friend, for birthday or Christmas, or just to say thank you to someone. Call 303-771-7727 for full details…