Sports car detailing in denver

Your car will love you…

We know that maintaining a vehicle takes money for everything from repairs to insurance and tags, so you may not want to increase your car care budget by adding car detailing. However, getting your car detailed regularly can pay off for you in the long run.

Besides a shiny exterior, what are other reasons to have your car detailed? It’s a frequent question we’re asked Steve’s Detailing in Denver.

  • First Impressions

As we all know, first impressions are key. For instance, they can make or break a job interview. Well, same goes for your car. The appearance of our vehicle is a direct reflection of ourselves. At first glance of a dirty car can quickly turn-off someone you’re meeting for a date, even that interviewer!

If the job requires you to be meticulous and detail-oriented, rolling up in a filthy car will speak volumes about you before you ever walk in the door. Now, flip the script and imagine being able to park front and center with your ride fresh from a car detailing service. Totally different story.

  • Resale Value

Everyone wants to keep their vehicle’s resale value higher and this requires auto detailing. Washes on a regular basis will keep dirt and debris from building up and filling in cracks and crevices, but a deep clean and meticulous attention to detail will amp up your vehicle value.

You’ll have a much easier time selling your vehicle for top dollar if it is clean. A buyer will know that the care you’ve taken on the exterior is likely reflected inside your vehicle’s engine. This is one of the biggest reasons to have your car detailed, so keep it in mind.

  • It’s The Right Thing To Do

If you need more reasons to have your car detailed, think about what type of car owner you want to be.

You can be responsible and have a sparkling clean vehicle. Or, you can be messy – but instead of letting those chips and sodas destroy your vehicle’s interior, take your auto in for a detail and keep it clean.

If you have friends or family in your car, know that they will appreciate a clean car over a dirty one. Even if it is messy, that’s much better than dirty. Remember, food and beverages wreak havoc on auto interiors and even more so when left to decompose, damaging the carpet and upholstery.

  • What Does Auto Detailing Include?

Here is a quick overview of what the team at Steve’s Auto Detailing will do to your car to make it shine like the day it rolled off the assembly line.

  • Exterior Detail

In addition to working on the paint job to make it shine, your detailer will also work on the chrome, trim, windows, wheels, tires, and more to ensure beautiful results.

Having your car detailed is a major help for the exterior, keeping it looking good for years to come. Using specific, high-quality detergents and degreasers, blemishes, dirt, grime, and grease will disappear with an exterior detail.

Wash: Using a perfected hand washing technique, we get off the grime and dirt that’s been caked on for who knows how long.

Clay Treatment: If needed, this helps take out spray marks and soap scum, anything the wash could not get off.

Polish: Over time, cars lose some shine. Polishing helps to correct that by bringing out the most brilliant colors back to the surface.

Wax/Sealant: The final stage of making the exterior of your vehicle the most beautiful it can be is to apply a wax/paint sealant. This will help protect the shine and the paint.

  • Interior Detail

Whether you have kids or pets or both or find yourself eating in your car, it adds up. Food and beverages leave messes behind, especially when not cleaned soon after.

Your auto detailer uses a variety of tools such as brushes, scrapers, steam cleaners, and vacuums to get out the gunk from upholstery, carpet, and interiors. Deep cleaning keeps bacteria at bay and is one of the key reasons to have your car detailed.

Vacuum: Removes any debris including but not limited to gravel, dirt, food and more.

Scrub Brush with Shampoo: Used to get out any stains present, especially those caused by foods and beverages.

Wipe: All of the surfaces in your vehicle will be touched by a professional detailer, including the dash, console, door panels and more. We use high-quality cleaners.

Re-Vacuum: Everything that we broke loose with other cleaning activities, will be vacuumed again to make sure we got it all.

Deodorize: We apply pleasing scents so that your first impression of the interior is a remarkable experience. Sensitive to smells? We can nix it, just let us know.

Now that you have the details and know the top reasons to have your car detailed, come on by and see us at Steve’s Detailing in the DTC area of Denver – even better, call now and make an appointment. With over 25 years of experience, we offer the finest auto detailing services at highly competitive prices.