Hand detailing and polishing

Swirl marks in my car paint

Have you ever wondered why you see swirl marks in car paint? Today, Steve’s Detailing is here to give you the answer and how to deal with the situation. Better yet, if you want your car to gleam, simply bring it to the professionals at Steve’s Detailing. Our team is highly trained and experienced in the car detailing business and can take care of everything for you with no swirl marks in sight. 

Here are some reasons that swirl marks form:

  1. Polishers and buffers used with the wrong pad and uninformed application
  2. Harsh polishing compounds or paint cleaners
  3. Towels and applicators containing polyester threads
  4. Wiping down a dusty or dirty car with a dry towel
  5. Automated car washes with brushes and other apparatuses that are not clean enough
  6. Not rinsing the car completely off before washing, or not washing your car thoroughly before drying

How do I get rid of these unsightly swirl marks?

The best thing to do is head on down to the professional detailers, like Steve’s Detailing, where they can polish out the swirl marks in car paint using the best products and personnel trained in doing so.